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HS2 is one of the largest and most damaging infrastructure projects our country has ever seen.

Boris Johnson has recently made the announcement that HS2 will go ahead. This is devastating news for our natural world and in this time of climate emergency we are urging him to rethink his postition. 

There is a peaceful yet active resistance campaign to HS2 that needs your help.

Stand4Trees brings together several groups concerned about the environmental impact of HS2 and seeks to draw attention to the destruction, hold HS2 to account and peacefully protest this costly and damaging project. 

We have these key aims:

  • To call upon the government to rethink HS2 and immediately halt further destruction and biodiversity loss. 
  • To protect our water and our wildlife from further unnecessary destruction by peaceful direct action.
  • To bear witness to crimes against nature and hold HS2 account.

We urgently need your help


Update: Remote actions you can take during the lockdown

This info has been copied from this Google document created by xrmidlandsactions@protonmail.com (please email them to add any information to their cloud doc)

Please uphold XR’s Principles and Values and the Rebel Agreement when engaging in these remote actions. Please consider that the individuals involved will all be navigating this stressful and emotional period and for some, their livelihoods and futures will be very uncertain.

There are four woods that Stop HS2 thinks are in immediate danger: Crackley, Broadwells, Birches and Cubbington. These woods are in the vicinity of Kenilworth.

At this moment, those who would like to participate in actions from home can call or email the  HS2 helpline and make the following complaints:

  1. As of this writing (24th March) Scotland and Wales have now halted all major construction sites to comply with the physical distancing required. In England, Crossrail has also shut down. HS2 bosses should comply as well.
  2. HS2 workers are travelling across the UK to compounds (For example, there were people from Scotland to Cardiff working on fencing on Monday 23rd March)
  3. HS2 plan to fell ancient woodland in bird nesting season, when it is illegal to disturb nesting birds according to Wildlife Countryside Act 1981. HS2 have already been clearing trees and hedgerows and disturbing nests, in full knowledge that what they are doing is illegal.
  4. You may also want to refer to this letter written by Robert Butler MP on 23rd March.

HS2 Helpline: Tel 08081 434 434

Email: HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

You can also email the Prime Minister directly to express the above points. Here is Extinction Rebellion’s letter that they sent today.

There are 4 subcontractors that the Stop HS2 campaign have reported seeing on site, although we have been unable to independently verify their participation in HS2 work. You could consider contacting these subcontractors to express concern for their employees and their activities: 

New actions added 24/3/20 pm!!!!

Here is a list of Contractors working on HS2 who you can phone or email.

This is the crowdfunder page to support the Stop HS2 campaign

The petition to Repeal the 2013 and 2017 HS2 Hybrid Bills halting all HS2 works immediately.

Email the HS2 Minster, Andrew Stephenson: Andrew.Stephenson_MP@dft.gov.uk You could use this letter as your starting point.

You could email your MP, perhaps using this letter as your starting point.

Follow, like and support the Facebook pages for the sites:

Save Cubbington Woods – Stop

HS2 Crackley Woods HS2 Protection Camp.

Wendover Active Resistance Camp

Save the Colne Valley

Support the camps to defend the land and all life on it! Find out more here: https://stand4trees.uk

Here are a list of Twitter accounts that might be of interest:










New action added 26/3/20

Email or call SERVEST security (part of Atalian Servest)

Tel: 0800 614 678

email: info@servest.co.uk

Their own documents state: “…we intend to produce a positive impact on the environment through the adoption of sustainable and ethical practices. The pursuance of these objectives is achieved through our meeting of the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.”

HIGH COURT ENFORCEMENT GROUP,.https://hcegroup.co.uk/      


HS2 Criminal Evidence on Facebook 

Please also see this post re eyewitness reports of serious threatening and violent behaviour by HS2

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Hahahah is this a joke?!?! ... See MoreSee Less

13 hours ago

Why have I been removed from HS2 REBELLION as an admin???

Odd seeing as I’ve just been in a discussion with hs2 rebellion about where the £33000 has gone since the crowd funder started in MAY - and only two camps have access - and to access the money you have to conform to their values, have a camp agreement, attend two meetings a week, hand over all social media etc.... and blah blah blah..... what is happening???? Smells like shit

Stick to the Stop HS2 crowd fund - they support all camps to protect the trees.

We sadly live in a monetary state and need money to protect ourselves and the trees animals and land.
HS2 rebellion started in May and leaves some camps - 6 out of 8 disadvantaged if they don’t follow their rules.

I know my post will upset some people but the truth hurts and I’m fighting social issues as well as HS2.


UPDATE - it’s not how or where it’s spent for me - it’s about who is and isn’t allowed “access” only two camp out of eight have been “awarded” funds for following the HS2 rebellion regime which includes conformity.

BULLSHIT - and anyone saying I should keep it private - I been trying to do this but the chats keep skirting the issue saying “this isn’t the place of this discussion??”

Whatever - I just want HS2 rebellion to admit to the public donating that the money doesn’t go to all camps unless they meet criteria and therefore some camps - and woodlands - are left disadvantaged.

... See MoreSee Less

22 hours ago

... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Comment on Facebook 2630240143891078

Surely only the police have the right to retain ID papers??? And yes, I am aware that HS2 are 'above the law'. 😡

... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Comment on Facebook 2629477103967382

Ring a ring around the gates.... 😂

Hayley, your energy is amazing, once again revealing by observation.

Hilarious that he didn't think of walking around until you showed him!

... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Comment on Facebook 2629348040646955

If he's that worried, maybe he should put on a mask!

Especially dangerous as those 'safety' barriers are at the entrance to a children's playground!

... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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COVID 19 Update: We do not actively encourage anyone to flout or ignore current lockdown restrictions. You will make your own mind up about appropriate activity concerning social distancing, camp visits and general support. 

Wildlife protection camps are in place along much of the line. There are so many ways you can support. There's no need to risk arrest if you don't want to and visiting is a beautiful way to connect with nature and pay homage to what we may lose if this project is allowed to continue unchecked. 

On this site you can find our Camp Overview, Camping Info and Camp Locations pages. 

There are wishlists for people coming to the Harvil Road Camp here - please see the Google Doc here and the Cubbington Camp rota here.



News & Updates

HS2 Menace at Harvil Road

Some eyewitness reports in the last few days regarding threatening and violent behaviour by HS2 contractors at Harvil Road, Uxbridge. Currently in a raw format we may write these up as more coherent narrative at a later date. Please see the Facebook group HS2 Crimes - Evidence for up to date media. May 2 - […]

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Remote actions to support Stop HS2

This post has been copied from this Google document created by xrmidlandsactions@protonmail.com (please email them to add any information to their cloud doc) Please uphold XR’s Principles and Values and the Rebel Agreement when engaging in these remote actions. Please consider that the individuals involved will all be navigating this stressful and emotional period and […]

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15th March - Stand for the trees in Warwickshire

In April the despicable HS2 plan to fell 3 areas of precious local Ancient Woodland: Broadwells and Birches Wood and part of Crackley Woods. Join us, Gail Bradbrook, and friends to walk amongst our Ancient Trees and show the Government how strongly you feel about this terrible assault on our ecological heritage. We will gather […]

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UPDATED Monday 24th: Chainsaws coming for Broadwells Ancient Woodland

HS2 chainsaws are coming for Broadwells Ancient Woodland! In the last week HS2 Ltd have been stepping up their work in the ancient woodlands surrounding Kenilworth, with action being taken to prevent birds from nesting, which we see as a clear indication that they intend to start felling ancient woodland soon. On monday 24th Febrauary […]

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Update: Remote actions you can take during the lockdown