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HS2 is one of the largest and most damaging infrastructure projects our country has ever seen.

Boris Johnson has recently made the announcement that HS2 will go ahead. This is devastating news for our natural world and in this time of climate emergency we are urging him to rethink his postition. 

There is a peaceful yet active resistance campaign to HS2 that needs your help.

Stand4Trees brings together several groups concerned about the environmental impact of HS2 and seeks to draw attention to the destruction, hold HS2 to account and peacefully protest this costly and damaging project. 

We have these key aims:

  • To call upon the government to rethink HS2 and immediately halt further destruction and biodiversity loss. 
  • To protect our water and our wildlife from further unnecessary destruction by peaceful direct action.
  • To bear witness to crimes against nature and hold HS2 account.

We urgently need your help


Update: Remote actions you can take during the lockdown

This info has been copied from this Google document created by xrmidlandsactions@protonmail.com (please email them to add any information to their cloud doc)

Please uphold XR’s Principles and Values and the Rebel Agreement when engaging in these remote actions. Please consider that the individuals involved will all be navigating this stressful and emotional period and for some, their livelihoods and futures will be very uncertain.

There are four woods that Stop HS2 thinks are in immediate danger: Crackley, Broadwells, Birches and Cubbington. These woods are in the vicinity of Kenilworth.

At this moment, those who would like to participate in actions from home can call or email the  HS2 helpline and make the following complaints:

  1. As of this writing (24th March) Scotland and Wales have now halted all major construction sites to comply with the physical distancing required. In England, Crossrail has also shut down. HS2 bosses should comply as well.
  2. HS2 workers are travelling across the UK to compounds (For example, there were people from Scotland to Cardiff working on fencing on Monday 23rd March)
  3. HS2 plan to fell ancient woodland in bird nesting season, when it is illegal to disturb nesting birds according to Wildlife Countryside Act 1981. HS2 have already been clearing trees and hedgerows and disturbing nests, in full knowledge that what they are doing is illegal.
  4. You may also want to refer to this letter written by Robert Butler MP on 23rd March.

HS2 Helpline: Tel 08081 434 434

Email: HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

You can also email the Prime Minister directly to express the above points. Here is Extinction Rebellion’s letter that they sent today.

There are 4 subcontractors that the Stop HS2 campaign have reported seeing on site, although we have been unable to independently verify their participation in HS2 work. You could consider contacting these subcontractors to express concern for their employees and their activities: 

New actions added 24/3/20 pm!!!!

Here is a list of Contractors working on HS2 who you can phone or email.

This is the crowdfunder page to support the Stop HS2 campaign

The petition to Repeal the 2013 and 2017 HS2 Hybrid Bills halting all HS2 works immediately.

Email the HS2 Minster, Andrew Stephenson: Andrew.Stephenson_MP@dft.gov.uk You could use this letter as your starting point.

You could email your MP, perhaps using this letter as your starting point.

Follow, like and support the Facebook pages for the sites:

Save Cubbington Woods – Stop

HS2 Crackley Woods HS2 Protection Camp.

Wendover Active Resistance Camp

Save the Colne Valley

Support the camps to defend the land and all life on it! Find out more here: https://stand4trees.uk

Here are a list of Twitter accounts that might be of interest:










New action added 26/3/20

Email or call SERVEST security (part of Atalian Servest)

Tel: 0800 614 678

email: info@servest.co.uk

Their own documents state: “…we intend to produce a positive impact on the environment through the adoption of sustainable and ethical practices. The pursuance of these objectives is achieved through our meeting of the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.”

HIGH COURT ENFORCEMENT GROUP,.https://hcegroup.co.uk/      


stop hs2 destruction

HS2 Criminal Evidence on Facebook 

Please also see this post re eyewitness reports of serious threatening and violent behaviour by HS2

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Update from James Brown's Prison Cell

"A little less conversation a little more action please”

That song was ringing in my ear as I walked out from the terminal at City Airport to climb on the plane. I seem to recall it remained playing in a loop even as I got into position and did the live stream though there’s no evidence of that in the video. I was also thinking we've got to think differently to see the world through a different lense. We need to do something that is spectacular, something that captures the imagination and the attention of the world in order to tackle the crisis.

Again I want to thank all who have continued to support me during my stay at her majesty's pleasure. With special thanks going to the incredible band of rebels from XR Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark and others further afield for maintaining a daily presence outside the prison - you are wonderful. I want to thank you all again for the letters, emails and cards - those drawn by children have moved me the most.

I thought I’d share a bit more about prison life. I’ve been here just over a month and feeling okay. Institutionalisation is familiar to me - from age 4 I had to attend boarding schools because it was the only option for most disabled kids back then. George Monbiot discusses how private and boarding schools have helped create the monsters that run our country and although my trauma as a disabled child resulted in my empathy, I also witnessed it give birth to others who took their survival mechanisms of dishonesty, abuse and hierarchy, out into the adult world.

My daughter, at my request has read this out to me on the phone - “In adulthood you are faced with a stark choice: to remain the person this system sought to create, justifying and reproducing its cruelties, or to spend much of your life painfully unlearning what it taught you, and learning to be honest again: to experience your own emotions without denial, to rediscover love and trust.” - George Monbiot on boarding school.

Imagine a world where the majority of traumatised adults have learnt to rediscover love and trust, rather than reproduce the system’s cruelties.

My ward is only allowed out 2 hours a week to exercise, my exercise routine in the yard draws attention and cool points perhaps! I do a fairly hard fully structured workout, followed by yoga - and I'm still able to outdo all but one guy on the pull up bar - seen as the ultimate test. Wandsworth is one of the larger prisons to trial in cell phones (thankfully) and I'm told that this was brought in to address the issue of fighting around the queue for shared phones on the landings.

A fellow inmate who helped me to find coffee has been in and out of the prison system for 25 years. He spoke as though his preference is the structured controlled prison environment. Rather than the outside world which is just too much for him to bear. There are all sorts in here - from those who seek to save lives to those who have taken it away. I haven’t met any politicians or fossil fuel executives here yet, but I hope it won't be long if today’s incredible youth win the coming revolution.

This brings me to Lauren Macdonald who did something braver than me, who as I’m sure most of you know by now stood last week and told Ben van Beurden (Shell CEO) to his face that he will never be forgiven for what Shell have done. The bravery of the young people, storming through hierarchy, bullshit and bureaucracy when they confront politicians and the fossil fuel executives/CEOs show they are the generation of love, empathy and people power. When you listen to what they say, the power dynamic shifts and you see a true adult, talking to someone who masks their emotional and practical insufficiency with power. To them and the young people arriving at, or being prevented from arriving at COP26 I am sorry that you are having to do this for your survival. Many adults tell me they are inspired to do more and ask me what that could be. My answer is to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone, explore your boundaries and do something, anything that means you can look these young people in the eye and say you did everything you could to make it up to them.

My final analysis since my last letter, has been of my own activism. I've been thinking about my compulsion to challenge injustices. I seriously considered trying to coordinate a campaign for our so-called legal entitlement to fresh air and exercise in the prison. I’ve been arrested 14 times, on trial a couple times and now in jail. I’m tired and the emotional impact on my wonderful supportive family has been significant. I feel a great sense of relief being separated from my smartphone and all its trappings. I’ve always loved tech but being in jail has already taught me the benefits of a basic life. I am able to think with clarity, creativity and I’m sleeping better and waking up with so many ideas. There's much more I can now do in the background. Most of my life’s work has been to help bring opportunities and choice to the lives of disabled people and my ideas are about how I can expand this to support as the climate crisis escalates. So I'm now exploring how I can merge the professional and activist strands of my life. More on that later.

In closing I want once again to thank everyone who has supported me. I will reply to as mamessages as possible but my ability to do so is limited.


Ps. I've now had the chance to read most of the lengthy document that has gone to the court of appeal and I'm extremely impressed with the amount of work that has obviously gone into it by my legal team. To me it seems compelling, but then I'm not an appeal court judge! So I have everything crossed for an expedited hearing, preferably of the appeal, failing that, a bail application.

One thing I've discovered during exercise is that those who choose to run or walk around the yard do so in an anti clockwise direction! Then I remembered this is consistent with the direction of travel in the velodrome and on the running track. I think the same is true for greyhound racing and speedway. Why is this? And are there any exceptions?
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8 hours ago

Tales from the tower ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

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5 days ago

Figures obtained under the Freedom Information Act show 91 sexual offences claims were made against Thames Valley Police officers between 2016-17 and 2020-21
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1 week ago

From livestream today Friday 15th (please someone add location and time stamp)
Evidence at 9m 55s in video of crane activity - large, loose metal items being lowered from tower demolition (NET don't have demolition licence?) to this road that is only closed one way - if these items fell they could easily bounce into a windscreen or window on the drivers side and would certainly cause cars to crash, vehicles appear to be travelling at higher speeds and closer together than could be considered 'controlled'. Also HS2 and Police are within the 'fall range' area, against H&S limits. Public are only a few feet away as well. fb.watch/8F6UV5o-ub/
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2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

Shockingly the NET are operating heavy machinery and a crane on top of a deep tunnel full of young people. London road in Wendover. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago
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Wildlife protection camps are in place along much of the line. There are so many ways you can support. There's no need to risk arrest if you don't want to and visiting is a beautiful way to connect with nature and pay homage to what we may lose if this project is allowed to continue unchecked. 

On this site you can find our Camp Overview, Camping Info and Camp Locations pages. 

There are wishlists for people coming to the Harvil Road Camp here - please see the Google Doc here and the Cubbington Camp rota here.



News & Updates

HS2 Menace at Harvil Road

Some eyewitness reports in the last few days regarding threatening and violent behaviour by HS2 contractors at Harvil Road, Uxbridge. Currently in a raw format we may write these up as more coherent narrative at a later date. Please see the Facebook group HS2 Crimes - Evidence for up to date media. May 2 - […]

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Remote actions to support Stop HS2

This post has been copied from this Google document created by xrmidlandsactions@protonmail.com (please email them to add any information to their cloud doc) Please uphold XR’s Principles and Values and the Rebel Agreement when engaging in these remote actions. Please consider that the individuals involved will all be navigating this stressful and emotional period and […]

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15th March - Stand for the trees in Warwickshire

In April the despicable HS2 plan to fell 3 areas of precious local Ancient Woodland: Broadwells and Birches Wood and part of Crackley Woods. Join us, Gail Bradbrook, and friends to walk amongst our Ancient Trees and show the Government how strongly you feel about this terrible assault on our ecological heritage. We will gather […]

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UPDATED Monday 24th: Chainsaws coming for Broadwells Ancient Woodland

HS2 chainsaws are coming for Broadwells Ancient Woodland! In the last week HS2 Ltd have been stepping up their work in the ancient woodlands surrounding Kenilworth, with action being taken to prevent birds from nesting, which we see as a clear indication that they intend to start felling ancient woodland soon. On monday 24th Febrauary […]

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Update: Remote actions you can take during the lockdown