Welcome to Stand4Trees.uk.

Stand4Trees brings together several groups concerned about the environmental impact of HS2 and seeks to draw attention to the destruction, hold HS2 to account and peacefully protest this costly and damaging project. 

Boris Johnson has recently made the announcement that HS2 will go ahead. This is devastating news for our natural world and in this time of climate emergency we are urging him to rethink his postition. 

Full notice to proceed has not yet been given yet trees and precious hedgerows are being felled at pace. 



Why would environmental campaigners oppose a train? Isn't public transport better for the environment?

By HS2 Ltd's own admission, HS2 will be lead to a net increase in emissions for 120 years, so much so that even the small number of people expected to switch from travel by car to travel by HS2 will not reduce their emissions by making that switch. Many areas in the UK are not linked up, or well linked up, by train and yet HS2 is set to spend over £100 million on new lines for routes that are already in much better state than many other services. StopHS2 has further details on the case against HS2. Click here for an infographic summarising the problems with HS2 or here to see their most recent publication on the full case against HS2.