Who's Who?

StopHS2 is the national campaign against HS2. Their site is the best place to find detailed information on the case against HS2 and get updates on big picture news and political developments regarding HS2. You can visit their site here and get join their mailing list to get campaign updates here.

RethinkHS2 An alliance of the major environmental organisations from Extinction Rebellion to The National Trust with a combined supporter base of 10 million people. You can sign up to receive updates from them here.

Stand for The Trees a movement created to help defend trees from destruction by HS2, began in the Chilterns with The Save the Link Road Trees campaign and then became the banner under which we called people to come and save the Colne Valley from destruction in December 2019 in alliance with Standforthetrees.org. It inspired the name of our website, where we aim to provide you with everything you need to know about supporting protection camps and joint actions.

Standforthetrees.org is a campaign from the RethinkHS2 alliance calling on people to pledge their allegiance to the trees and invite the government to rethink HS2.

Save the Colne Valley, Cubbington Action Group, #StoppingHS2 Chilterns and Save Our Countryside are, among many others, local community organisations resisting HS2 in their area. Follow the links above to visit their sites/Facebook pages.

Extinction Rebellion is a international group made up of smaller regional and local groups who campaign to prevent widespread loss of life due to the imminent climate crisis. Following the illegal eviction of local people protecting the Colne Valley, members of Extinction Rebellion began work on joint actions with StopHS2 and local groups like Save the Colne Valley to protect our trees from felling and our wildlife from danger.