Camping Information

A master spreadsheet containing information about all known campsites and potential campsites can be viewed here. Note that not all sites listed on this document have a current active camp. Information about campsites which are active currently can be found here and a general overview/FAQ about the camps can be found here.

Camps act as a base for nearby actions regarding HS2’s impact on that area. Both the Colne Valley/Harvil Road and Cubbington/Welsh Road sites welcome supporters looking to join in or support them for the day or a shorter visis as well as new people wanting to stay on the camp. Campers are welcome at these 2 sites for as little as 1 night or as long as you can stay.

If want to get involved but do not own a tent or other camping gear:

1) Contact the relevant camp to discuss what spares they may have.
2) Do NOT let the fact that you don't own a tent or other camping equipment put you off reaching out. We have a great network of support and can probably find whatever you need if you contact a site in advance.

What to bring:

Please note that this page is due to be updated once a volunteer is available, and as such the information below is just a few ideas, not an exhaustive list. Ask on Telegram if you need further advice or have any queries about what you need to bring if you are planning to camp


That is suitable for muddy and wet conditions (and for varied/changeable weather) including either wellies or walking boots.


For charging up mobile devices are also some things campers/camps can never have too many of so please bring as many as you have to share!


Please think about how you will entertain yourself/give yourself a boost if you need to conserve the battery on your phone: a reading book, notebook and puzzle book might help you fill the gaps left if you can't use social media and mobile games as much as you are used to. (Don't forgets pens, pencils and a rubber.)

Torches and plenty of batteries for them.

(If you don't own a lantern-style torch you might also want to think about how you could stand or hang a torch in your tent and bring along something you can use to hang or stand your torch on/with.)

Sleeping items

 A sleeping bag that is warm enough for this weather, a pillow and something to place your sleeping bag on: a camp bed, mat or air bed.*
(*If you are considering an airbed, consider how you will inflate it and what you will do if it gets a puncture or a leak, a camp bed or mat might be a safer bet)

Cutlery, plates/bowls/similar, bottles/cups/ mugs

Try to bring things that are light and easy to clean. Plastic lunchboxes may be preferable to bowls or plates. Travel mugs with lids might be helpful in windy conditions.

Hot water bottles

(The old fashioned kind, not microwave ones, and if you have any spares please bring these if you can so others can borrow them while you are staying) 

Loo roll and tissues
Bin bags/something you can use as such 


Many camps are well-stocked with basics for meals so again we suggest you check before bringing too much in terms of basic food items. Taking along some snacks and treats is always recommended. If you have dietary restrictions, please discuss this in advance with a contact at the camp: you can use Telegram or the contact details from the overview sheet for this.

Check whether you own anything else worth bringing along:

Several campsites have a wishlist and you may find that items you already own are on it! Also, if you own any other camping or outdoor equipment not listed, please contact someone onsite to see whether bringing this along might also prove useful.
There is wishlist for Harvil Road here. Please use Telegram or the contact details from the overview sheet to ask about Cubbington.

One last point:

This page contains some basic information but is not exhaustive, please think through what you may need when camping and if in doubt, ask! If you’ve never camped before, you might want to look at some online at some general lists of things to bring on a camping trip (but remember that help is hand from other people standing for the trees and some supplies can be shared).