Camps Overview/FAQ

What are the camps for?

The camps are the main location for actions against the environmental impact of HS2. Persons staying or visiting there are able to raise awareness, monitor the current situation locally, support other activists and/or join in with actions against destructive work carried out for HS2.

What are the differences between the camps listed on the map/spreadsheet?

On the 6 listings on the overview spreadsheet and master map of approximate camp locations there are 4 active camps - Colne Valley, Cubbington, Great Missenden and Wendover - and two sites being researched/considered.

Of the 4 active camps, two are in areas where work by HS2 is ongoing nearby and thus have ongoing urgent need for support. These are Colne Valley/Harvil Road and Cubbington/Welsh Road.

The Great Missenden camp (on Link Road) is active but is not on a site where trees are currently threatened and instead acts as a rapid response hub for the local area.
The other active camp we know of is in Wendover. This area does not appear to be under imminent threat of further works and this camp has not (yet) been involved in any joint actions, so for further information regarding the Wendover camp please see their Facebook page.

Is camping illegal?

ALWAYS check the situation with current campers as things can change and the information we have here is always limited (please read our Legal section), but as far as we aware all the camp sites are located in places where camping is permitted and legal. We are not aware of any arrests or threats of arrest having been made to people just for camping.

Can I support the camps if I can't stay overnight?

Absolutely and in a number of ways. You can join the campers in nearby actions during the day but head home in evening, visit briefly to bring supplies, visit for the day to boost the campers' spirits, help with camp jobs and/or learn more, volunteer with post-arrest support, offer lifts to campers joining or heading home if you have a car and/or reach out and offer any other ideas you have for ways of helping.

What should I bring?

We have a page here with information for what to bring if you are camping. If you are planning to visit to bring supplies, take a look at the wishlist for Harvil Road. (If you plan to bring anything, please log in with a Google account and update the wishlist so we don't double up). Cubbington does not currently have a wishlist, so please contact the camps to find out what they need. If you have camping gear, outdoor supplies or any other potentially useful stuff you could loan to the campers that isn't on the wishlist, please contact the camp to ask if this would be useful.