Colne Valley

4 camps around Harvil Road (near Uxbridge)

The Colne Valley has several camps in close proximity to each other: the Roadside camp, Woodland camp Oak camp and Denham Country Park camp. Travel information is similar for all four. When you are planning to visit, we recommend you ask on the Telegram chat which site is in most need of your help at that particular time. If in doubt, head to the Roadside camp first.


The best bus service for Harvil Road is the U9, but please check for any planned road closures (there have been several due to HS2) before relying on this. You can use this bus to travel from Uxbridge tube station (on a branch of the Metropolitan line). From Uxbridge Station use bus stop L, then exit the bus at the stop for Dogs Trust: press the stop button when you see the Roadside protest camp, which you will pass on your left. Please note the U9 only accepts Oyster or contactless debit/credit cards: cash is NOT accepted.

Denham (on the Chiltern line) is the nearest railway station and is (very roughly) a half-hour walk away. Lifts from nearby Denham station or other places nearby may be possible, so do ask about in the Telegram chat group if a lift would help you.

Car parking is possible but will not be very close to the camp. If you need to park please do so respectfully in nearby Harefield which is a 10 - 15 minute walk along the roadside footpath to Harvil Road camp. There is no available parking in Dews Lane and please, please DO NOT park at Dogs Trust: they have been wonderfully generous neighbors and need their parking kept free so people can visit them to adopt all the wonderful dogs they are trying to rehome.

Information about walking from nearby transport hubs will be added soon, please ask on the Telegram chat group in the meantime.


Further facilities information will be added soonplease ask on the Telegram chat group in the meantime.

Many campers have been visiting the Dogs Trust cafe to use toilets and charge devices/power banks and Dogs Trust have been very welcoming to us. Please keep the goodwill going by being considerate, making sure you ask politely before using any of their facilities, and by buying something or donate to them when visiting. Most campers leave their muddy wellies outside and walk indoors in just socks, please either do the same or bring a pair of clean, mud-free shoes with you to wear inside their building. Their cafe has at least one vegan food option, which campers have told us is delicious!


(Please note that the situation can change quickly, so we strongly advise you make contact with someone onsite for can guide you to exact current locations.)

Older Colne Valley/Harvil Road map showing some local points of interest near the camps.

Newer map with latest locations including Denham Country Park Camp.