Contact Information & Useful Links

Telegram Groups

Telegram is free app that is similar to WhatsApp except that new group members are able to read older chat messages so you can get info more easily. These groups are likely to be the quickest way of getting the most up-to-date info on the Cubbington and Colne Valley camps:

Link for Cubbington Group

Link for Colne Valley Group

You can get Telegram where ever you normally download apps from* (e.g. App Store or Google Play Store). 

*Downloading an app is at your own risk and all that legal jazz... We just use it and can’t endorse it more than that.

Note that while most of the chat groups linked here are XR groups, they are not only for XR and anyone wanting to find out more about joining or supporting joint Stand For Our Trees actions are welcome to use these groups, regardless of what (if any) groups you are part of.

Legal links

General + trans-specific + regarding immigration status + for international students. 

XR Legal Info

Green and Black Cross Know Your Rights Booklet

Arrest and Immigration status

Being Trans & Protesting

Demonstrations & International Students

XR Arrestee Welfare