1. This site may include information about actions that may be in breach of the law. This website contains content (and links to content) from a wide variety of sources, including from some groups which endorse non-violent direct action. Some forms of non-violent direct action might be in breach of the law. The purpose of this website to collate information which is already available on at least one other platform so that those already seeking such information can more easily find it. Please note that the people running this site do NOT have any legal background/knowledge and are NOT involved in organising any of the actions or groups listed, so we often literally do not know ourselves about the legal situation of any activity.

    2. Information on this site may be inaccurate.
    We post information here in good faith, but such information may be incomplete, inaccurate or have become out-of-date. This website is run by 2 volunteers in our limited spare time and all of the information we post has been passed on to us by others. We do our best to be sensible about our sources but we HAVE NOT and CANNOT verify all the information we are given.

    3. Listing a group or action does not mean we endorse it.

    This website aims to bring together information about various different groups, particularly given that several recent events have been joint actions from more than one group, but whilst we clearly endorse the overall aim of preventing destruction related to HS2, but do not endorse any individual course of action, approach to resistance, event or group listed on this website. Our policy is to list any and all relevant information brought to our attention by any group/individual et cetera who claim and appear to be non-violent.

    4. Anyone making use of this website must take full personal responsibility for understanding the legality of their decisions.
    We do not have the resources to collate legal information or investigate the legality of any actions or groups listed here. YOU and you alone responsible for 1) Ascertaining the legality of any actions you may wish to take or join.
    And 2) Any decisions you make to either a) knowingly break the law or b) take action without fully investigating the legality of said actions.

    Statement regarding information about arrest/law that is linked to on site.
    We have included a very short set of links regarding UK protest law. We have included these links in good faith, believing that both Extinction Rebellion and Green and Black Cross will have only posted or linked to good quality information, but we are not lawyers and we don't know for sure whether or not the information in these links is complete, up-to-date and accurate. Please use them as starting point and do not rely on them as your only source of such information. The main aim of posting these links is to highlight some resources that are specifically aimed at persons who may be or feel particularly vulnerable when protesting (including while protesting legally) and to offer a starting point for individuals wishing to inform themselves about the law. Please remember that informing yourself and informing others about the law (including the law regarding arrest) is good practice for any person regardless of whether/how they campaign.

Disclaimer regarding External Links

This website contains links to third party websites. To the best of our knowledge, these links were accurate and functional at the time of posting, but we take no responsibility for the accuracy or safety of external links. Whenever you browse the web, you should ensure you protect yourself against the risk of viruses, malware and all other potential dangers. You should not assume sites linked to on this website are safer than any other site you may encounter from browsing or searching online and we cannot be held responsible for any consequence(s) if you opt to visit these external links.


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